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Get advice from seasoned entrepreneurs, veteran engineers, influencers and more!

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Need assistance with product development or understanding compliance standards?


Are you searching for an estate attorney for your family's needs. Or an IP lawyer for your startup? Maybe you just have a few legal questions.


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Get a 1:1 meeting with an influencer. 

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A play on the french word rendezvous, our platform Rendevuu is a place for people to meet and get life changing advice.

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Depending on your budget you will be able to meet with a professional who can help you. Whether you are looking for a short 30 minute meeting, have a question that only takes 10 minutes or want to engage with a professional long term, we got you covered. Only pay for the amount of time you request. 



If you are an expert or professional you can apply to become apart of our platform and earn money for advising people.